Seafood Restaurant Guide in Malta

Seafood Restaurant Guide in Malta
Updated on
March 2, 2023

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, there is no doubt seafood is high on the agenda and common on the menus in Malta. The fruits from the sea are commonly found as the fresh catch of the day, including various fish such as tuna, lampuka, red snapper and shellfish.

For that extra quality, you need to find those little jewels for an exceptional seafood dining experience. In this seafood restaurant guide, we will mention some of the top places to dine at, for seafood lovers in Malta.

Two Buoys Bistro

Just a short walk away from the busy entertainment establishments, you can find the family run Two Buoys Bistro tucked away in Spinola Bay. Their terrace, providing beautiful views of the bay, offers al fresco dining.

Their creative dishes combine daily fresh Mediterranean fish from local fishermen fused with Maltese and international flavours. With a large variety of seafood specials, you can find anything from soft shell crab, linguine glams, lobsters, fresh fish and pasta dishes.

Furthermore, for those that do not favour seafood, there are plenty of meat and vegan options to choose from.

When arriving at Spinola Bay, take the second entrance from the waterfront and walk along the bay. Further directions and information can be found on their website:  and Facebook page:


This is another exquisite family run seafood restaurant. Their name derives from a special Maltese fishing net – reconfirming their passion for local, fresh, seafood specials.

The restaurant is located in the famous seafood bay of Marsaxlokk. Most of Malta’s local fish supplies are brought in through this bay, making it the ideal place to source fresh seafood ingredients daily.

The feel of the restaurant is rustic, with traditional woodwork still present in an updated atmosphere. Most importantly, their solid seasonal seafood menu contains their signature dishes created with only selected fresh local fish. You will find a wide selection of line caught fish, lobster, oysters, mussels and clams together with ‘aljotta’, the authentic Maltese fish soup.

Their heritage and passion for quality seafood can only be experienced when visiting! You can find more information on their website:

The Boat House

Situated on the water edge, this restaurant turned an actual boat house into the restaurant it is today. As the name suggest, the connection with the sea reflects onto their menu.

The Boat House specialises in fresh fish and seafood. Their passion has earned them a top spot among Gozitan restaurants and is definitely a place to dine at when visiting the sister island.

The cuisine served is very locally and Mediterranean inspired. Apart from their seafood, they have a good variety of quality meat cuts and special menu items for vegan, lactose and gluten free dishes.

For more information you can visit their website:

Fumia Restaurant

This restaurant deserves a place in this guide, not only for its food, but also for its stylish interior. Fumia restaurant is situated at the water edge having a large glass wall. It gives you the feeling of dining literally on the water. When weather permits, they also have spacious terrace for al fresco Mediterranean dining experiences.

They specialise in Sicilian, fresh seafood. They only use fresh fish, caught daily, and together with their in-house prepared desserts, they have earned being rated as one of the best fish restaurants in Malta.

Their menu consists of a large variety of fish and shell fish dishes, but they also have meat, pastas, antipasto platters and seafood salads. To compliment your lunch or dinner, they have a vast range of local and Sicilian wines.

The restaurant is situated at Pieta’s seafront. The building is a former boathouse, so when you arrive you won’t miss it and definitely worth a try! Their menu is published on the website:

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