Staying in? Discover 5 Awesome Home Workout Exercises

Staying in? Discover 5 Awesome Home Workout Exercises
Updated on
January 23, 2023

Keeping fit is a continuous process, however, with the current state, gyms and workout spaces have been shut down, leaving individuals to exercise at home. Home workouts don’t require many pieces of equipmenta and below are some exercises you can try.

5 Types of Home Workout Exercises

Upper body Workouts

This type of workout involves the chest, arms and back areas. For many men, these are among the critical workouts they partake. When at home, you can continue training your upper body with push ups, planks and diamond push ups, that aid in toning the triceps. These set of workouts are to be done in reps while repeating the same exercise for 10-20 minutes.

The upper body workout is essential as it assists in toning the muscles around the hands and defining the chest. Since most of such workouts are pretty intense, this promotes good blood circulation throughout the body, increases the heart rate and reduces the cholesterol, which helps prevent you from contracting diseases.

Lower body workouts

This involves the combination of exercises that aim to lower the fats around the lower side of the body. The activities focus on your body balance and the core area, that is, the core strength. 

The lower body workout cardio has several upsides as it burns the fat around your stomach area and focuses on the cores. These are some of the easiest type of home workouts as you only require a mat and a free space to start. 

Cardio Sessions

Cardio involves different exercises that include jumping jacks, jogging at one place, mountain climbers, burpees and jumping rope. Cardio is an essential home workout as it is easy to do and requires no equipment except the cord for jumping. 

Something as short as a 30-minute cardio session, has benefits such as the increase in your heart rate, which assists blood pumping minimizing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. Additionally, it aids in weight management, muscle elasticity and body strength. 

Cardio can be done at any time of day with ease, and the requirements are free space, and you are set to go.

Short HIIT workouts

High-intensity workouts are significant in strengthening leg muscles and the core. This workout is a series of combined abs and leg workouts that are done continuously without rest. Often they strengthen the glutes and the stomach area. Some of these exercises include the crunches, squats mountain climbers and lunges. For more examples you can easily youtube a number of HIIT classes.

This High intensity training helps to strengthen the thighs and hips in the lower area. Furthermore, when working on the core, it also increases metabolism. This intense program assists in weight loss and management, especially if you want a slim waist. The exercise can be done in reps and repeated continuously for 20 minutes.

Online aerobic classes 

Many people love maintaining their fit through aerobics, and this is essential training that can be done at home. Aerobics is a mixture of body exercises that are incorporated together and are done under a constant tempo and music. Therefore, the aerobics are also workable at home, and there are free online classes that you can enrol in that, guide individuals in aerobics.

Aerobics is quite a simple exercise that requires your participation; additionally, it reduces anxiety and manages stress levels hence improving one’s mental health.

In Summary...

Working out has many benefits; apart from the anatomical and health benefits, it is an excellent coping mechanism for mental issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. As you work out, cognitive functioning is improved and replenishes your ability to cope with situations, thus a plus to you. 

The workouts also reduce boredom and motivate you to be active during this period. When you are at home, the routines tends to get boring and working out helps in breaking the monotony. Additionally, it allows you to challenge yourself with new activities that you can take part in. Therefore, you can choose to do them as a group or even alone, depending on your likings.

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