The Probation Period in Malta at the Workplace

The Probation Period in Malta at the Workplace
Updated on
February 13, 2023

When one starts in a position of employment they’ll start the probation period with their employer. The employee is then assessed, observed and reviewed by the employer. During this period of time the applicant can be let go without any assigned reason, with one week notice after one month of pay. The employee has the same options. Probation is at the very least paid minimum amounts requirements by law(EIRA section 36); wage can be negotiated as per usual.

How Long is The Probation Period in Malta?

Generally this supervision lasts for one year or shorter and is often determined between parties. There is a maximum amount of time that can be established which is enforced by the government. Once the decision has been made it can not be changed unless everyone involved is in agreement. Anywhere from one month to a full year is normal, it is all dependant on the contract of service and collective agreement.

What’s The Point?

The probation period in Malta is not supposed to be uncomfortable or overwhelming, if one is right for the job they have nothing to worry about. Employers simply want to make sure that the individual they are investing in is conscientious and can perform required tasks.

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