Top 10 Moving Tips To Consider When Moving Abroad

Top 10 Moving Tips To Consider When Moving Abroad
Updated on
February 14, 2023

Moving abroad may be brought about by various reasons. You may go abroad for a vacation and adventure, promotion or change of career or when you finally achieve your dream of living abroad. Whichever the reason, there are various preparations that you need to make to make your journey a success. Below are the top 10 moving tips that you should consider in your preparations. You can, however, not exhaust the possible preparations and, therefore, if it is not on the list, it doesn’t mean that it is not essential.

Sort Out What to Bring, Store and Sell

The first step in our moving tips list is to sort your items according to their usefulness in your trip. There are items that you need to carry with you; others need to be stored, while others need to be sold. You will also be able to be psychologically prepared and realise your possession in each category.Having boxes all over the house can make it hard for you to distinguish between which items you need to take with you abroad and those that need to be disposed of.

Order Tape, Boxes and Bubble Wrap

It is easy to overlook the essence of buying boxes, but the only rule is “buy them.” Buying boxes may be ignored as a task that does not require attention when planning on moving abroad and its possibility of stretching your tight budget, but they play a crucial role in easing your packing process.As you go abroad, you need to pack your valuables in sturdy boxes, whether you are taking them with you or storing.

Starting Packing Early in Advance

While going abroad, you may feel like you have much time on your hands and that there is no need to pack early. However, the sooner you pack, the better. This preparation should be done early in advance to make it possible to make any changes before leaving and to avoid leaving behind essential items or carrying too much baggage.If you pack early, you will also be able to identify the items that you need to give away or sell instead of storing. Selling reduces storage costs, and you can take control of the situation and peace of mind when you are in possession of the vital belongings only.

Decide Whether to Replace or Bring

As you sort your things out, you may find items that you can sell instead of incurring transportation costs as you can replace them after arriving abroad. To facilitate your decision making, you need to identify at least five things that will make it possible for you to settle abroad and cannot be left behind. Such items like family photographs’, your favourite jumper and other family souvenirs are irreplaceable and cannot be disposed of. Try to maintain light luggage to facilitate your movement.

Sell, Sell, Sell

When moving overseas, you need to sell everything that you feel may be of little importance when you return, or they are updated. As you pack, you realise that some things are better sold than stored or brought with you. Furniture, computers, cars, televisions and other small machinery can be sold easily and replaced on return.To some, selling may seem like a bad idea, but the amount you get from replaceable items, combined with the amount that you get from not storing them will be enough to purchase others when you return. More so, leaving these items stored may cause damage and reduce their efficiency due to rust. Selling them in this condition after return will fetch little than when in their current serviceable state.

Communication Practice

When you are relocating to a country that does not speak your native language, you need to learn enough local language before leaving. Moving overseas will need sufficient planning time, and you can use it to your advantage to take a language course. Learning the local language may seem like a long process, but learning the basic phrases and words will go a long way in ensuring that you integrate with your new culture comfortably.Being in a position to use the local language at a basic level will reduce your communication stress on arrival. The first impression plays a significant role in setting the right mood for the time that you will be staying abroad.

Explore the Process of Acquiring of Utilities and Providers

When you reach your destination abroad, you will need to stay connected on the internet and via phone. Different countries have different requirements for acquiring these utilities, and you may end up frustrated if you do not gather enough information. You can inquire from someone living abroad, or travel forums to ascertain that you have all the required documents for setting up your accounts. If possible, you can contact the call providers via phone and ask for the process of acquiring their utilities.

Explore Your Neighbourhood

Researching your new neighbourhood is a crucial step in your preparation as you will get a clear picture of the amenities around you. Check for the availability of hospitals, food shops and parks. You may also want to discover places of interests like gym and other recreation facilities in the area. Discovering the facilities in your new neighbourhood will help you to psychologically prepare for your stay and enhance fast adjustment in the area.

Research Culture Differences

One you are alive abroad, you will be looking to make new friends with different cultures. Ensure that you adequately study their way of life to avoid getting overwhelmed on arrival. Knowing their culture will also help you in blending with them naturally and avoid going against their beliefs unknowingly. In some countries, some cultures may come as a shock to you. However, with a thorough study of their culture before moving overseas will help you avoid any surprises on arrival.

Set Your First Three Month’s Goals

After arriving abroad, it is easy to get carried away with the life in your new country. Creating a new routine is one of the hardest adjustments after moving overseas. Plan the activities that you need to do within your first three months of arrival. You can visit parks, join a club, group or society to meet the locals, try the most famous dishes and visit the attraction sites in the region. As you plan your three month’s schedule, ensure that it is flexible enough to avoid being restricted from doing some of the activities that you may have omitted without your knowledge.Check our top list of activities in Malta.

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