Unique & Delicious Restaurants in Malta

Unique & Delicious Restaurants in Malta
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May 22, 2024

The Mediterranean is known for its fresh and mouth-watering cuisine, and Malta in particular, is home to many excellent restaurants in almost each and every town. You can opt for a small restaurant in the heart of the city centre, eateries on promenades offering picturesque views and large restaurants in the country side. You can find very good restaurants all over the island!

Whatever your taste, one of Malta’s restaurants has something to satisfy your cravings. This guide explores some of the most renowned restaurants which offer the highest quality in food and service. Apart from having the ambiance, service and quality of a fine-dining restaurant, most of the restaurants mentioned offer very generous portions – something that the Maltese consider the utmost importance! 

Each and every restaurant is tried and tested by one of our team members, while taking into consideration a number of factors, including, the quality & freshness of the food, service standards, ambiance, waiting time, menu and value for money. In the guide, you can also find the contact numbers to book your table, links to their online platforms and the address where you can find the recommended restaurant.

Restaurants in Malta

The Chophouse Restaurant

Address: Tigné Point, Sliema

Meat lover? If your answer is yes, then look no further. The Chophouse Restaurant is considered to be one of the leading meat restaurants in Malta, offering a wide range of the freshest cuts of succulent steaks, meats and fish! This restaurant is renowned for having the largest charcoal grill on the island, grilling mouth-watering meats to perfection. What makes their dining experience so special is that their dishes are crafted by meat experts, which butcher, marinade and age the meats themselves, in-house.

The restaurant is located in Tigne Point and guests can enjoy the picturesque, panoramic views of Malta’s capital city and UNESCO World Heritage site, Valletta. 

Nothing accompanies a good meat dish better, than a bottle of wine. The Chophouse restaurant stocks an impressive selection of over 200 wines, which you can view from their glass-fronted, temperature-controlled cave. Last but not least, they are committed to ‘going an extra mile’, when it comes to sourcing, preparing and serving their esteemed guests.

Reserve your table at The Chophouse Restaurant;
Website: https://chophouse.com.mt
Email: info@chophouse.com.mt 
Telephone: +356 2060 3355

Venus Restaurant

Address: Pioneer Road, Bugibba

The best rated restaurant in Bugibba, on Trip Advisor! And not for nothing, Venus is home to an immense passion for food, combined with the freshest produce available on the island! Venus Restaurant specialises in offering locally sourced fish and meats that are brought in on daily basis. It is located in the heart of Bugibba, a stone-throw away from the main square.

Venus offers a cosy and welcoming candle-lit ambiance, hosted by a dedicated family that have been striving and successfully managing to overexceed the expected standards in the culinary industry. To date, Venus Restaurant is one of the best reviewed restaurants in St Paul’s Bay. Their signature dishes earned a number of awards, signifying quality of organic food.

This restaurant not only offers a fine-dining experience in one of Malta’s liveliest cities, but also offers its esteemed guests very generous portions, be it for an appetizer or the main dish.Having both inside and outside dining possibilities, Venus is the ideal restaurant for any type of audience including, families, couples and even corporate dinners.

Book a memorable dinner at Venus Restaurant via;
Website: Facebook Page
Email: venus.restaurant.malta@gmail.com
Telephone: +356 2157 1604

Rampila Restaurant

Address: No,1 St Johns Cavallier, Valletta, Malta

Located in the historic and iconic bastions of the capital city, Valletta, you can fine a unique restaurant, where history and luxury intertwine. At Rampila you have the opportunity to either dine in a high-end restaurant, a vault which was used as an old military tunnel or their beautiful terrace, which was originally built by the Knights of St John, overlooking the entrance of the city gate and previously used as a gun emplacement. 

What was used once during times of battles, is now being utilised to offer a memorable and peaceful experience to its guests, be it for a family dinner, private events, having a glass of wine or spoiling yourself in a high-end cuisine.

Rampila offers a number of traditional Maltese and Mediterranean dishes, all complemented with the freshest ingredients and cooked by some of the top chefs on the island. The quality of food at Rampila is sublime, and they strive of offer a combination of the highest quality, without lacking in quantity. At Rampila, you can find that the portions are very generous in size.

To top everything, Rampila is home to a dedicated team of passionate staff, offering excellent service, tailored to your needs.

Book your table now and dine in a unique & historic ambiance!

For more information, you can get in touch via;
Website: https://www.rampila.com
Email: business@rampila.com
Telephone: (+356) 21 226 625

Root 81

Address: Telgha tas-Saqqajja Rabat

Located just a few steps from the former capital city of Malta, Mdina, you can find this beautifully restored Rabat Townhouse, which was transformed into a cosy and elegant restaurant. Being on top of a hill, guests can enjoy unencumbered views of the Maltese landscape. 

At this restaurant, you will be met with a hospitable and welcoming environment, home to genuine food and service. They ensure that the ingredients used in their dishes are always fresh not frozen, offering delicious and healthy range of different dishes, which change according to the season. Whatever your tastebuds seek, Root 81 will cater accordingly a special dish made with absolute passion and attention to detail.

For more information, contact Root 81 via;
Website: https://root81malta.business.site 
Telephone: +356 79492083

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