Working From Home Guide – Benefits, Limitations & Tips

Working From Home Guide – Benefits, Limitations & Tips
Updated on
January 24, 2023

The process of going to work in Malta is changing.  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organization is advising to minise contact and interactions. Thousands of employees and self employed individuals are having to work from home and many companies operating with virtual office spaces. From small to large, companies are implementing remote work policies.

In this article, we dwelve into the transition from going physically to your work place to working from home, benefits, limitations and tips to increase work efficiency. 

If you are able to work through an internet connection, you are quite flexible when it comes to the work location. With that being said, you might need to change some habits and strive on keeping in line with your goals.

Main Benefits of Working From Home

Customise your Environment – When working from home, you can adjust your work space how you want. Whether you enjoy listening to some music or complete silence, you can create your ‘perfect’ work environment. This ofcourse comes with some limititations, depending on where and who you live with. Another benefit that comes with creating your own work environment is that at home, it is where you are likely to feel the most comfortable. 

Reduce your daily costs - Without the need to go to the office, you save both time and money getting there. Instead, you have more time to either do more work or enjoy more quality leisure time. No more getting stuck in traffic or searching endlessly for a parking spot. Instead of buying lunch, you can cook a delicious meal at home. 

More time - With more time and space in your schedule, you can find more activities to include in your routine. Get that daily home work out done, read a book or get that extra hour of sleep you have been craving for a long time.

Discover yourself - Spending more time with yourself, helps you to look out for things that help you improve and make you become more efficient. Find out what drives you and what helps you work more effectively. Do not let yourself get distracted and challenge yourself to make the most out of the benefits provided, out of the current situation.

Limitations to look out for

Distractions - Working from home can also have also its own limitations.  If you are not used to work from home, there is a high chance that you are used to associate home purely with relaxing and leisure time.  This take a lot of willpower to keep yourself disciplined when the children are bored, the new Netflix season is out, or something smells good in the kitchen.

Routine - With a lot of freedom and flexibility, after some time, you might stray from your routine. Once outside the office you might find it challenging to stick to a schedule as you are used to at the work place.

Lack of communication - Being away from your colleagues might result to the lack of communication. Emails will take longer to be answered, calls postponed and skype meetings cancelled. You have to ensure that this does not occur and maintain a good contact with your work collegues. 

Bad Connection or Lack of tools to work with - In the household you are living, you might not have acces to a good wifi connection or the technological devices required to perform your work. Giving the current situation, this is becoming quite crucial to have, however, in some cases, assistance is provided by the work place.

Tips to Enhance your Work-From-Home Process

Stick to a Schedule - Try and maintain regular working hours. Set clear guidelines when to work and what to do. Start your day by listing the things you need to get done and by when. After you are ready, your day is free. This helps you create a sustainable and healthy routine while keeping on delivering your work.

Set Ground Rules - This mostly counts if you are living with other members in the household. In order to avoid distractions, set clear times for breaks and rules on when you will allow yourself to stray away from working.

Keep active - Do not fall into the trap of becoming too comfortable at home. Include workouts and fun activities apart from your work times. Keep yourself motivated and learn to make the most out of your household, whether for work, training or family time. 

Set calls with colleagues - Dont let your self become disconnected, isolated or lonely. This can occur when spending too much time alone. Instead, schedule telephone calls, video calls and encourage communication in your new work place. On the other hand, do not let yourself get too distracted on social media, set a schedule and stick to it.

Stay Positive - This is one of the most important things to do throughout the whole process. Keeping positive will help you stay motivated and in line with your objectives. Despite some limitations when working from home, focus on the advantages and find efficient ways to make a limitation to your benefit.

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