The capital city of Malta and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valletta, has so much to offer its residents and visitors. The capital was established in the 16th century, by the Knights of St John. Primarily it was known for its museums, churches and palaces, however, nowadays, it’s also becoming a hub for high-end entertainment such as boutique hotels, lounges, shopping and fine dining restaurants.

When it comes to restaurants it’s hard to go wrong in Valletta, however, depending on your taste, you might prefer some over the others. In this guide, we introduce 5 best restaurants in Valletta, that Welcome Center Malta confidently recommends.

Sciacca Grill

If you are a meat lover, you definitely have to visit Sciacca Grill.

This restaurant offers its esteemed guests a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes from fresh to aged cuts of steak. Apart from that, you will be met with a lovely ambiance and excellent service that usually results into a tasty and memorable experience. Sciacca Grill operates in two different locations, one found in the capital and the other restaurant in St Julian’s.

Inside the restaurant in Valletta, you can find a modern setting with a display of different kinds of meats, which you can choose to be cooked and grilled to your liking.

To book a table at one of their restaurants simply visit the reservations page.

Telephone Number: +356 2123 7222



Address: South Street, Valletta, VLT 1103

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant malta

Dine in one of the best restaurants while enjoying a picturesque view of the capital’s Grand Harbour. This restaurant offers a tasty combination of a full flavoured Mediterranean cuisine. The setting inside the restaurant is modern and luxurious offering a beautiful dining area, an artistic bar with many house signature cocktails to offer and even a board room for those that wish to opt for a private meeting. They offer a range of corporate activities.  

When it comes to lunch or dining, you can find ample dishes to choose from, including pasta, fresh fish, seafood and different types of meat.

Book a table here and make sure you do not miss out on this unique and luxurious dining experience.

Telephone Number: +356 7987 7980



Address: 267, St Ursula Street Il-Belt Valletta VLT, 1222

Marina Club

Marina club steak and grill

Tomahawk, Rib eye, T-bone steak, whatever you feel like, you can rest assured that this Steak & Grill restaurant will exceed your expectations. At this restaurant, you can find some of the finest cuts of meat, grilled to perfection.

This modern steakhouse is situated on the Valletta Waterfront, where you can enjoy a beautiful view in combination with a red wine that will leave your palate salivating in anticipation of another sip.

Telephone Number: +356 2122 2016



Address: Vault 16, Marina Club, Valletta Waterfront, Valletta

The Harbour Club

Harbour club valletta

Dine in a unique environment. The Harbour Club restaurant previously was a converted warehouse that was built back in 1712, by the 64th Grand Master of the Order in Malta. Inside you can find a elegant and cosy setting that is designed with a recycled deck of an American ship! On the exterior, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the harbour and a delicious treat.

Telephone Number: +356 21 22 23 32



Address: 4/5 Barrierra Wharf, Liesse Hill, Valletta, Malta


rampila restaurant malta

A unique restaurant located within the historic bastions of the capital. This might not be largest of all restaurants, but definitely has a lot to offer. Rampila is home to a high-end restaurant, wine bar, terrace and also an exhibition which offers free entrance to its guests. The restaurant is found inside a tunnel, which was used by the Knights of St John to store the guns that protected the city. Not only you will be getting a taste of delicious dishes but also a taste of history!

Telephone Number: +356 21 226 625


Address: 1, St. Johns Cavalier, Valletta, Malta, VLT 1110