Malta In Winter – Top things To Do

Malta In Winter – Top things To Do
Updated on
February 14, 2023

Malta, while a small island, has a wide range of activities and attractions for every member of the family. Below is a list of the top 10 activities to consider on a trip during Malta winter. Malta in the winter has just as much to offer as the hectic summer months without the crowds and queues of tourists.

Here are the Top 10 activities available during Malta winter

1. Museums for everyone

With over thirty different museums, covering different topics and historical eras, Malta is sure to have a museum to suit every member of the family. Malta’s strategic location has ensured its long place in history and its many monuments, temples, and world heritage sites serve as testament to the island’s unique history. The Neolithic Temples are just the beginning, there is also the prehistoric caves to explore as well as the Maltese maritime history and many more. A trip to Gozo and the Maltese Folklore museum is another option worth exploring. The wide variety of museums ensures every member of the family will be able to find their favourite.

2. Popeye Village, not just for the children

After all the history of the museums, let your children run and explore the entertaining Popeye Village from the 1980 film Popeye starring Robin Williams. The fantasy town is set into a sheer cliff that overlooks the sea with beautiful views.

The quaint fishing boats and quirky mariners’ houses are worth exploring with rides and puppet shows available throughout. There are plenty of attractions to keep anyone occupied for a day, child and adult alike.

3. Gozo adventure

Gozo’s rugged terrain makes it an ideal location for off-road adventure. For a non-typical tourist adventure use your map and instincts to travel over Gozo, navigating from one location to the next.

A less-adventurous version can also be had by travelling from village to village, or you can just stop whenever you see something interesting. The options are endless and ensure every level of adventure can be accommodated for.

4. Bicycle rental for the whole family

Malta has a variety of bicycle rentals available.

There are some wonderful trails to follow or you could join one of the many cycle groups on the weekly rides on one of the routes.

5. Horse Riding for all experience levels

Malta’s coasts, fields and woodlands provide some great locations for horse riding.

There are many options depending on your riding ability.

Free riding, touring, or lessons can all be booked for affordable rates, with reduced pricing for children.

6. For the animal lovers

Ta’ Qali Petting Farm is the perfect place for a family visit.

There is a variety of animals, including small animals that children will especially enjoy.

Spend the day feeding and petting the animals and leave with a smile on your face.

7. Valletta and Mdina

The current capital of Malta, Valletta, and the former capital, Mdina, are both worth a trip. The fortifications of both cities were built by the knights and are wonderful examples of their architecture and design skills.

Walking around the cities will provide examples of various building styles that have enjoyed popularity throughout Malta’s long history. The fortifications also provide an opportunity to see the island from a higher perspective.

8. Sport lovers

Rugby in Malta is a must see for any lover of sport.

Games are usually held on Sundays.

The national team often holds matches against foreign teams that can be action-packed or catch one of the local matches that are packed with their own rivalry.

9. St. Julians by night or day

For those looking for clubs or pubs to spend their evenings in, St Julian’s and Paceville are filled with both open throughout the night.

During the day the town is full of students and office workers, but there is great shopping and dining available for the visitor.

10. Churches a plenty

The island of Malta has over three hundred and sixty churches and chapels scattered over its landscape.

From the grandiose and beautiful to the humble and utilitarian, there is sure to be one that will put you in awe.

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