Malta Beaches - Top 10 To Explore

Malta Beaches - Top 10 To Explore
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February 14, 2023

Malta Beaches are known for their clean and clear bathing water in the EU, and evaluation of excellent quality standing at 100%. The 2014 EEA Report of European bathing water quality placed Malta as the top state in the EU. There are also some of the beaches in Malta which have adhered to safety, sustainable development, environmental management and other standards, making them Blue Flag certified.

Although the definition of a good beach may vary from one person to the other, the below list of the top Malta beaches will help you in making your decision. Included are also the pros and cons of each beach, to give you an insight of the best swimming and sunbathing beach to choose from for your next holiday visit to Malta.

10. Ta’ Fra Ben at Qawra Point

Ta Fra Ben Bay is a rocky beach with a great view and not very busy. Named after its watchtower that has a view above the area, the bay is rarely affected by the swelling sea due to the little shelter provided on it. The venue offers the perfect place for underwater life and is also convenient for snorkelling. For people visiting St. Paul’s Bay, Qawra and the Bugibba, this is a place worth visiting for sunbathing. Visitors looking for sandy beaches, Ta’ Fra Ben is the place to be.


  • It is a Blue Flag certified beach
  • Clean water and breath-taking view
  • Easy to access
  • Availability of shops and amenities
  • You can rent out sunbeds and umbrellas


  • The water gets deep fast and may not be convenient for kids who swim unmonitored
  • Relatively small and rocky for visitors seeking a place to sunbathe, unless you rent a deck chair.

9. Armier and Little Armier at Mellieha

The Armier Bay is made up of two beaches, Armier and Little Armier which lie in Malta’s far North. The two beaches do not receive a lot of visitors during the summer, despite their popularity. The venue is, however, a famous for friends and families who go camping and set up their tents at the bay. The low turnout in these beaches could be due to their remote location.

People visiting the place need to hire a car or take the challenge of waking to Armier after being dropped by the public buses that pass through the area. If you are looking for a refreshing swim, Little Armier and Armier will make a right spot for the entire family. The beaches are safe, clean and family-friendly with the availability of essential amenities.


  • Clear and clean water
  • Family-friendly
  • Sandy beaches
  • Popular among the locals and low tourists turnout
  • Shallow shoreline convenient for kids’ fun


  • Difficult to access without a car.
  • People planning to visit the beaches need to walk about 20 minutes to and from the bus station
  • During summer, the beaches are not well kept.

8. Gnejna Bay near Mgarr

Located about 1 kilometre from Mgarr village, Gnejna Bay is a sandy beach which is not very famous among foreign visitors due to its remote location. The beach is a perfect destination for people who need an adventurous holiday getaway. The locals from the village of Mgarr make the largest population visiting the beach.

Since the beach is not busy as compared to the rest, families will find it a perfect place to have a quiet, yet enjoyable stay. There are public convenience and kiosks available which can be accessed on the periphery of the shoreline.


  • Less busy
  • A sandy beach convenient for the whole family
  • Fairly shallow shoreline safe for kids’ fun
  • Few human-made structures hence preserving its natural feel


  • Challenging to access via public transport
  • Limited parking space

7. Paradise Bay (Mellieha)

Located near Cirkewwa, Paradise Bay is a secluded sandy beach which is surrounded by high cliffs and hosts the ferry port where it departs to Gozo Island. The ambience of the beach is peaceful and has a great view of the Comino and Gozo islands and its rugged landscape. The beach is relatively small with clean water, making it a convenient family getaway.

On weekends, you will mostly spot local young people who hold parties on the beach. Visitors with a passion for snorkelling will find the beach appropriate with its many fish species and underwater features and life.


  • Convenient for snorkelling
  • Availability of kiosks
  • Umbrellas and sunbeds for renting -
  • Sandy and shallow beach for the entire family fun


  • A small beach that receives many visitors quickly and gets crowded

6. The Blue Lagoon (Comino)

At the inlet of Comino island lays the Blue Lagoon, a sheltered beach with dazzlingly clear waters. To get to the beach via the fascinating channel is by a boat ride from Malta or Gozo. The Blue Lagoon is made up of two beaches which are located on each side the clear water: there is also white sand at the base of the inlet. Visitors who need to jump on water or sunbathe can do so on the rest of the bay which is rocky.

The several caves and clear water at the beach make it one of the favourite places for snorkeling. The Blue Lagoon is not a real beach, but rather a stop for visitors and which is very crowded in summer. The reason we have included it on our list is that it is a spectacular place that person needs to visit while in Malta


  • Breathtaking location
  • Appropriate venue to visit during summer holidays
  • Dazzlingly azure waters


  • Very crowded, especially in summer
  • Can only be accessible by a boat if you are not living in Comino
  • Not convenient for kids.

5. St. Peter’s Pool (Marsaxlokk)

Adventurous visitors seeking to challenge their navigation skills in Malta will find accessing St. Peter’s Pool a perfect experience. Located near Marsaxlokk, a fisherman’s village, the rocky beach has enough space for people who want to sunbathe on their beach towels. Accessing the beach is a little challenging, and therefore, the locals make the largest population of visitors frequenting the place.


  • Adequate sunbathing space
  • Clear waters
  • Convenient for snorkelling fanatics
  • Rarely crowded


  • Not Easily accessible
  • Absence of amenities
  • Cannot be considered family-friendly

4. Imgiebah Bay, Mellieha

Located North of Malta, Imgiebah Bay is a sandy beach remains undisturbed by man. The beach is rarely busy, which could be credited to its inaccessibility. Imgiebah Bay is near the village of Mellieha, beyond Selmun Place and is separated from the main road. To access the beach, you need to take the left turn after spotting Selmun Palace and take a long winding road downwards.

Accessing the beach using a car can be a challenge, especially if your reverse driving skills are not excellent. The initial plan of the road was not meant to be used by visitors accessing the venue from opposite directions. That, however, does not mean that you have no alternative to access Imgiebah Bay using your car. For easier access, you can leave your car in the locality of Selmun Palace and at take a 15-minute walk to the beach.


  • Rarely gets busy
  • Reserved raw nature that has not been disturbed by man
  • Sandy beach
  • Peaceful and quiet for visitors who need a secluded place


  • Hard to access. You will be required to leave your car near Selmun Palace and walk to the beach.
  • No amenities available
  • Maybe not recommendable for people who are keen on cleanliness due to the availability of unattended seaweed. It is, however, not a big deal if you love nature.

3. Ghadira/ Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay is Malta’s largest sandy beach and among Mediterranean’s best beaches. It is locally referred to as Ghadira Bay and is one of the most loved Malta’s beaches. The shallow edges extend to a considerable distance making the beach one of the favourite family getaways. Families with kids will find this venue one of the most suitable beaches to visit in Malta where they can set a camp on weekdays, or any day they find appropriate.

Mellieha Bay is located near Mellieha village which is visible from the hilltop and in Malta’s Northern side. The access to the beach is easy with various bus routes available as they head to Cirkewwa where there is a port for ferries heading to and from Gozo.


  • Blue Flag certified
  • Largest sandy beach on Malta
  • Several snacks bars and restaurants available at the beach
  • Windsurfing and water sports accessible
  • Availability of beach management between June and September which offer First Aid clinic, lifeguards and maintenance,
  • Umbrella and sunbeds are available for hire


  • The umbrellas and sunbeds available for hire can be controlled by the controllers and only set on designated areas.
  • Finding a free parking space can be a hustle, especially on Sundays when the beach becomes crowded quickly, regardless of its large size.

2. Golden Bay

Golden Bay was among the first beaches to be awarded the Blue Flag Status. Located next to the subsequent beach among the favourite on this list (Ghajn Tuffieha), and on Malta’s Northwest coast, the beach is one of the most visited. Accessing the beach is easy via public transport, and this makes it a perfect spot for a family fun day and sunbathing.

There are various amenities available at the beach, although a large hotel occupies the North cliff. Apart from the hotel, the remaining part of the beach makes a great view and is left unspoilt by human activity. Families will find Golden Bay an excellent spot for a Friday or Saturday evening barbeque.


  • Blue Flag certified
  • Sandy beach
  • Attractive environment
  • Family-friendly and convenient location for kids
  • Great viewpoint for sunsets and evening barbeques
  • Ample parking space for people who do not mind strolling for a short distance to the beach
  • Availability of windsurfing and water sports
  • Easily accessible using a personal car or public transport
  • Good restaurants, kiosks and amenities are available on location


  • The water may turn murky when the wind blows inward the water, although not dirty.
  • The presence of the large hotel does not give it an impression of a location that has not been touched by man
  • Can be a bit crowded during summer, especially on weekends.

1. Ghajn Tuffieha

On top of our list of the most favourite Malta beaches is Ghajn Tuffieha. The Blue Flag certified beach is part of Malta’s Manikata village and offers some of the most breathtaking sceneries and sea you will ever probably experience in the Maltese islands.

The balance between facilities available at the beach and the raw nature gives the beach equilibrium in providing services and comfort. Despite Ghajn Tuffieha being a great tourist attraction and getting busy, the clean water and its stunning beauty are untouched. Take a bus from anywhere in Malta and enjoy the fantastic Ghajn Tuffieha!


  • Blue Flag certified
  • Easily accessible using a personal car or public transport
  • Breathtaking sunset views
  • Family-friendly
  • Clean sandy beach convenient for sunbathing and swimming
  • Perfect equilibrium between human-made structures and raw nature
  • Kiosks available on the beach side
  • Availability of umbrellas and sunbeds for hire for the ideal sunset viewing and sunbathing.


  • For the physically unfit visitors, getting up the hill can be quite a challenge. There is an extended flight of stairs that may also be tiresome for the kids - On public holidays and Sundays, finding a parking space can be quite a task - During the colder months, there are strong undercurrents experienced at the beach which makes it inaccessible.

With this guide you will be able to find and enjoy the best Malta beaches. Kindly remember that in summer, temperatures easily exceed 30 degrees Celsius, therefore, it is recommended that you avoid staying long hours in the sun and wear sun cream.

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