Gozo Beaches - Top 5 With The Clearest Waters

Gozo Beaches - Top 5 With The Clearest Waters
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February 14, 2023

Many people will agree that Gozo is one of the best places to find beautiful beaches. Maltese beaches on the other hand, despite their own quirks, can get busy pretty quickly in the summertime. Gozo beaches, however, rarely have that problem. For those looking to stay in Gozo, or perhaps planning to take trip to Malta, there are some great beaches to visit. All of these provide a clean, quiet place to unwind, free from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ramla l-Hamra

Surrounded by green meadows and featuring an abundance of space, Ramla l-Hamra is one of the go-to spots in Gozo.

Its size is not the only thing that makes it the most popular beach on the island, either – covered in rich, red-coloured sand, Ramla l-Hamra is a delight to set eyes on.

Like many of the beaches in Gozo, it’s superbly clean, with ample space for catching some rays and shallow waters perfect for children. Easy-access makes it ideal for any holiday-goer, too.

San Blas Bay

Situated on Gozo’s north coast, San Blas Bay is a gorgeous beach with plenty to offer. For some, access can be a bit tricky, mainly because of the particularly steep hill that takes a little stamina to climb. However, this shouldn’t really be a determining factor, especially when the reward is so great.

Upon reaching San Blas Bay, you’ll find a beautiful oasis, comprised of a quaint, secluded sands and crystal clear water (only a tiny kiosk selling snacks breaks the illusion of paradise!)

The easiest way to get there is via the number 304 or 302 bus, which sets you down at the hill next to the village limits of Nadur. Getting down to San Blas Bay will take you no longer than fifteen minutes.

Dwejra Bay

Looking for something that will really impress the whole family? Then make your way down to Dwejra Bay, which featured one of Gozo’s most popular tourist attractions – the Azure Window.

The Azure Window was a table-esque rock that sits high above the sea - its towering stature leaves no guess as to why it’s so popular. Dwejra Bay can be found a stone’s throw away from nearby village San Lawrenz.

Also notable is the Inland Sea, a wonderful inland lagoon with a beautiful pebbled beach.

The Inland Sea is popular with both casual swimmers and snorkelers, and is connected to the sea via a spectacular 60-meter long cave. Fantastic diving sites, including an array of underwater caves litter the area around the Azure Window.

Dahlet Qorrot

Western Gozo is home to the tiny bay of Dahlet Qorrot, finding its home next to the villages of Nadur and Qala.

It’s a perfect place for relaxing in silence, with some great spots to lounge in the sun and lovely natural scenery in eyeshot.

Its pebbled beach rarely ever crowds, and the shallow water make it very hospitable for young children.

For those looking to go for a longer swim, the quayside offers entry to deeper waters.

Hondoq ir-Rummien

Heading down to the Southern coast of Gozo you’ll find Hondoq ir-Rummien – meaning Pomegranate Moat in Maltese – a popular site among locals and of course, tourists. Also near Qala, Hondoq ir-Rummien is a quiet, secluded beach basking in nature.

Upon touching down, you can expect beautiful, blue waters that are so inviting you might forget that there is a beach itself.

Entry into the water is facilitated via a ladder on the rocky area of the bay; this is great for swimmers and snorkelers alike.

There are also an array of small caves to explore for the avid adventurer.

Hondoq ir-Rummien bay is one of the quaintest beaches in Gozo and has a great view of neighbouring island Comino, whilst the local kiosk offers a varied selection of snacks and refreshments. On summer nights, the bay is a popular location for native islanders, who often take to the sands to fire up a barbeque and bask in the breeze of the sea. The only caveat with this particular beach is it out of the way location, which might require you to hire a vehicle in order to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.

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