Move To St Julian's - 5 Reasons Why

Move To St Julian's - 5 Reasons Why
Updated on
February 15, 2023

The town of St Julian’s, situated close to Sliema, another hot-spot on the north coast of Malta, has plenty to offer in the way of nightlife, excellent hotels, fine dining, beautiful beaches, an abundance of history and spectacular views. Following are five good reasons why you should move to move to St Julian’s

1. Nightlife

When your family and friends come to visit, take them to Paceville, where you and they will have the opportunity to experience the ultimate in nightlife on Malta. The enormous variety of clubs in this area, catering for all tastes and genres of music, is amazing!

In August, the town pays homage to the town’s patron saint of the same name. This is when you get to enjoy a traditional Maltese festival involving religious parades, street fairs, local, traditional foods and drinks, music, as well as an opportunity to experience a real taste of authentic Maltese culture.

2. Restaurants

Although the town has a reputation for its wonderful nightlife, it is also an area that offers some of the best and widest varieties of restaurants. If you enjoy fine dining then the restaurants here will not disappoint you. They cater for all tastes, with menus offering Asian, Mediterranean, seafood, as well as restaurants offering the best of traditional Maltese meals, so you are sure to find a restaurant offering the types of food to satisfy your taste buds.

3. Sightseeing and History

One of the best reasons why you should move to this area of Malta is the amazing sightseeing attractions and abundance of history available to help you learn about your new home. Apart from Malta’s tallest building, the Portomaso Tower and the spectacular views of the attractive yacht marina and bay, it’s the history of the place that will pique your interest for years to come.

Take for instance, the Knights of St John, who used this one time traditional fishing village for hunting purposes. They also built a number of churches and palaces during this time which, over the years, have helped to form the town into the major and vibrant hub it is today. The Spinola Palace and the Lapsi Church, both constructed way back in 1688 by the Knights of St John, are just two examples of fascinating historical attractions that are well worth seeing.

4. Recreation, beaches & swimming

Balluta Bay, St George’s Bay and Spinola Bay are fantastic for swimming, with St George’s Bay, accessible from a small, sandy beach, being the most popular spot for both locals and tourists alike. There are a number of scuba diving schools in the town too, each with its own instructors, who offer group or individual diving classes.

The Radisson Blu Resort, situated next to St George’s Bay, is the place to head for if you want to add a bit of opulence to your day at the beach. The resort offers an outdoor pool area comprising three pools; two seawater and one freshwater. There is also a sumptuous indoor pool and Jacuzzi, as well as a bar where you can enjoy one-of-a-kind cocktails while you work on your tan in the sun.

5. The finest hotels on the island

At those times when friends and family come to visit you after your move, they will have the opportunity to stay at one of many fine hotels in Malta.

The Radisson Blu attracts the most visitors, with its bar, restaurants, spa, tennis courts, diving school, as well as a conference centre, all situated within the resort for easy access.

There is little doubt that the above 5 reasons will help you make that all-important decision to move to St Julian’s.

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