Top Things To Do In St Julian's, Malta

Top Things To Do In St Julian's, Malta
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February 15, 2023

Malta is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, particularly in the summer. St Julian's is a seaside town best known for its entertainment sector and a stretch with a promenade featuring various restaurants. There are many reasons why to visit and move to St. Julian's but these are our top things to do in St Julian's, Malta.

Head out for Cocktails

St Julian s is home to many high-quality bars which cover a wide range of themes and styles. Some feature events like live music and others will be playing sports or other forms of entertainment in case you need to keep up while on holiday.

There is a huge variety of drinks to sample and there is nothing like sipping something colourful out of a special glass while staring out across the ocean in the summer sun.

Fine Dining

The restaurants available are as varies as the bars. As well as the local Maltese food, it is possible to eat African, French, Spanish and many more types of food from all around the world. Given Malta's location and its neighbours, it has been the home of many different people all of whom have brought their traditional recipes with them.

The seafood is particularly excellent as expected from a small island nation, though of course, everything is worth trying.

Photographic Opportunities

Malta is beautiful. When looking for other things to do it is always worth stopping to take in the sights as well as taking a picture or two. In particular, there is a sign that spells out the word "love" in 8ft stone letters. On the islands you will never run out of things to capture.

Additionally, if you have a special someone you can also get a padlock with your names inscribed to attach to the railing in front of it.

Watch the Sunrise

St George's Bay is home to a spectacular sunrise.

In the summer it means getting up early to catch it but staying up through the night to catch it is not out of the question either.

If you are with someone it could make for a romantic moment since it is unlikely to be busy at that hour.

Even if you are alone it is worth seeing for the simple joy of it.

Explore Paceville

Paceville has the reputation of being the vibrant and exciting centre of the nightlife in the town. The bars and clubs will stay open until dawn offering the opportunity to dance, drink or just enjoy the positive atmosphere, while meeting new people.

Due to large number and mixture of clubs, whatever your taste is, you can rest assured that you will find the right bar or nightclub for you in Paceville.

Shopping Opportunities

The Bay Street Shopping Centre is located in the heart of town.

The indoor and outdoor shops are scattered across 3 floors and there are also a lot of restaurants and cafés to provide a rest stop in between retail outlets.

For those who care about fashion, there are a large number of high-end clothing stores as well as plenty of opportunities to find things like souvenirs.

Visit the Squares

Spinola and Balluta bays both feature nearby public attractions. Spinola Palace and gardens were built in 1688 and the palace is not currently open to the public after it was damaged in 2009. The building is still a spectacular sight and well worth seeing.

The Ballta Square features another historical sight in the Carmelite church. This is a particularly nice spot for anyone looking for a quieter moment as there tend to be fewer tourists.

Try Your Luck Gambling

With all the things to do spending your time in a casino might seem like a strange choice. However, it is still a great way to spend an evening.

Emerging from a winning night to a sunny paradise feels truly great, and losing never seems quite so bad when you are staying somewhere so beautiful. Malta is home to may casinos and betting companies. Whether you prefer online betting or at a casino, the island has the place for you.

Take a Dip in the Sea

It is impossible to visit such a beautiful beach resort and not explore the ocean. As well as multiple swimming spots there are opportunities to hire out snorkeling or diving gear.

There are also small cruises and tours for those who would rather be on the water rather than underneath the waves. Either way, the water is teeming with life and there will be plenty to see.

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