What Makes Malta The Ideal All Year Round Destination

What Makes Malta The Ideal All Year Round Destination
Updated on
February 1, 2023

It's Closer Than You Think

Malta is one of the leading financial centers in Europe. This is in part due to the fact that Malta International Airport is no more than a couple of hours' flight from most of the European cities. This is only helped by the fact that most airlines including quite a few budget options have regular flights directly there.

A Luxurious Mediterranean Life

There are a number of luxury hotel chains available on the island. These include well-known names such as the Hilton, the Radisson and more. Thanks to this, Malta has established itself as a solid destination for both high-end travellers and the elite members of the business world. To experience some of Malta's most exclusive services visit our Luxury Section.

The Incredible Gastronomic Range

Thanks to its location and access to many different locations and cultures, Malta features a huge range of options for eating out. There are strong Italian influences which are to be expected and the wonderful flavours are fuelled by the freshest ingredients that come straight from the sea. However, there are also plenty of international options which are every bit as good for those who want to try something that hails from further afield.

A Climate Like no Other

Malta boasts an impressive average of 300 days of sun every year making the climate one to be envied by all those who don't live there. 'International Living' magazine went so far as to name it the "world's best climate" thanks to winters that feature 5 to 6 hours of sun and summers that have more than 12.

Universally English Speaking

English is spoken by nearly everyone you will meet as it is one of the country's official languages. The English language is so well ingrained that Malta has become a major hub for foreign students who wish to travel in order to learn the language. Most businesses conduct their deals in English while any laws or regulations will be published in English as well as Maltese. Speaking of which, Maltese owes its origins to Arabic with a handful of influences coming from Italian, English and French.

Purchasing a Home in the Sun

For those who have been charmed by the sunny weather and the wonderful food there are a variety of options available to move there on a more permanent basis. There are a wide variety of different types of property available to either rent or purchase from countryside farmhouses to modern city apartments and villas with swimming pools. Any of these can be found at a competitive price and well located next to several amenities.

Everything is a Short Drive Away

It is possible to drive across the entire island in as little as 45 minutes. Not only that, but the public transport system provides services that cover the entirety of both of the main islands. It also features one of the prettiest ways to travel between the islands in the form of the water taxis.

It is both Safe and Quiet

Malta boasts one of the highest standards of security and stability in the world. Crime levels are low and it is quite safe to walk alone in the streets. This is evident in the number of children that happily play in most of the back streets and by the fact that some people do not even bother to lock their doors at night.

Happy Family Life

The Maltese culture is very family-oriented. It is incredibly rare to find a restaurant or any public space that does not cater towards families. Also, the nurseries are free and there are government subsidies available to help people cover the cost of daycare. For older children, there is the option of both private and public schools the majority of which teach their classes in English. Higher education is accessible via either the University of Malta or one of the other institutes.

High Standards of Healthcare

The Maltese healthcare is some of the best in the world and it is free for any EU nationals. Every single town has a local clinic and there is the large public hospital, Mater Dei and the private hospital St James.

Live and Work Without a Visa

Malta is one of the countries that form the Schengen Zone and as such it attracts a huge number of EU nationals every single year. All of them are free to live and work there without any kind of visa. For non-EU citizens, there are certain visa-exempt counties and other visa application procedures that can be accessed through www.mhas.gov.mt. For anyone from a third-country, a work permit is required and these are granted after a labour market test.

An Outdoor Lifestyle

The hot weather means that there is a huge range of outdoor activities available. These include water sports and activities like fishing and surfing while there are a number of land-based activities such as horse-riding, hiking and many more. With a sea that never drops below 13C snorkelling is a popular activity for the whole year.

Day-to-Day Activities

Every office complex and residential area features a variety of restaurants and cafés as well as various theatres, cinema, clubs and many more places to hang out. For those who are more culturally-minded, Malta hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. For example, every single town has an annual festival that is dedicated to its patron saint. Of course, there are are many malls featuring all the high-end brands for anyone looking for a shopping experience.

A Long and Storied History

Malta has been occupied for over 7,000 years and much of this history is still visible today. From megalithic temples to medieval towns, they have all been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They provide the perfect background for the many cultural festivals that take place throughout the year.

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