A Guide For Running and Jogging In Malta

A Guide For Running and Jogging In Malta
Updated on
February 1, 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and you have your sunscreen packed, a suitcase full of holiday wear and flight tickets to Malta. This is your time to relax, have fun and unwind as the holidays take their course. Since the New Year, you might have been trying to do your best to lose all the weight you gained during the festivities. What a better way to accelerate the process than by going for a run or jogging while in Malta?

A vacation to a magnificent island such as Malta doesn’t mean sitting on their beaches for the whole day, stuffing yourself with unhealthy meals and downing them with alcohol. The best way to explore a place when on holiday is putting on your running shoes and hitting the trails in the early morning. There is nothing quite refreshing than the feeling of fresh air outdoors, especially at dawn.

Coastal Runs

If you happen to be in Malta as a tourist, the chances are that you will be staying near the coastal area. These are the best places to go for a morning jog or run as the conditions are very conducive. The breeze wafting from the sea will work to your advantage since the temperatures can rise quite rapidly. One of the best routes to take on your coastal run is the St Julian’s to Valletta, especially along the promenade and back. This is a 15-mile route that winds through the Sliema, Pieta and Gzira town before you end up back in St Julian’s.

You can also go running along the beach as you dip your feet into the surf now and then to cool them off. Remember to go for your run the first thing in the morning since you do not want to keep running into sunbathing tourists. Do not forget your map as it would not be fun to get lost in a foreign country with your running gear and the temperatures getting very high. Also, some shops close their doors between noon and 2 pm and break for a siesta. In case you are out and looking for a cold drink at this time of the day, you are out of luck.

Trail Runs

When you head inland a little bit, you will be welcomed by the rural setting since a big part of Malta is made up of farmland. Malta is a small island of around 17 miles from one end to the other. This means that if you are a seasoned runner, you can run from one end to the other. It is even possible to run from one coast to the other in the morning alone. There are many excellent trails on this island.

If you are looking for long distance jogging trails, start at Mdina, which is at the heart of the island. You will find numerous routes that branch from there. If you don’t know where to begin to get into the interior, look for a farmer’s road, which you can access from the village square. From here, start your run, and soon, you will be far away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, and you will enjoy the feeling of morning breeze in your hair.

Malta Marathon

If you have managed to complete one race, book the next one. While in Malta, you can sign up for a marathon and enjoy going for a long run with other runners. Although this might not be a romantic gesture or the best way to spend your family time, it will do you good, and you will be glad you did it in the end. Ensure you don’t indulge in the island’s wine the day before as this might leave you feeling dehydrated and fail to complete the jog.

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