A Guide To Adventure Sports In Malta

A Guide To Adventure Sports In Malta
Updated on
February 1, 2023

Malta is a home to a variety of adventure sports ranging from extreme mountain biking to rock climbing. The good thing with doing sports in Malta is that the climate is mild, and this offers excellent conditions for enjoying adventure sports all year round. Even for the less adventurous people, beautiful hikes and walk in the Maltese country side is possible. The sports scene is flourishing, and this attracts thrill-seekers from all around the world. Through this text, you will get to learn about the major adventure sports in Malta.

Cliff Rock Climbing

The islands of Malta are perfectly designed for rock climbing. It does not matter if you prefer abseiling, sea level traversing, cliff face climbing or bouldering, there`s always a rocky surface to sharpen your climber’s whistle.

The cliffs provide a challenging but alluring climb over the ocean. On the other hand, the coastline is scattered with huge cliff-side sandstones that are perfect for bouldering.

Above all, MC Adventures offers support to visitors and guides them to the top spots in Malta. Gozo Adventures is also another professional company. It offers half-day and full-day climbing trips to the sites on neighbouring Gozo.

Diving In The Mediterranean

Exploring below the sea is an extremely thrilling event, especially to those who love large water bodies.

Being able to see marine life at a close range gives a very strong draw despite the risks. In the real sense, the clear and blue Mediterranean Sea that surrounds Malta is perfect.

There are plenty of natural reefs, shipwrecks and caves to explore, and they are full of species such as groupers, stingray, moral eel, parrot fish, bream, scorpion fish, and octopi. It is even possible to spot a dolphin during the winter months since the animals love the warm Mediterranean waters. For anyone visiting the Mediterranean, there are plenty of dive schools throughout the island. Most of these schools offer certified PADI courses.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking mostly takes place off-road, this gives you a real feel of nature. Biking is among the most sought-after sports in Malta.

This offers a great way for the adventurers to range over the island and satisfy their inner thrill seeker at the same time.

There is a lot of places to ride through, speeding through green woods, down sloping hills, past historical sites and then back up through the countryside of Malta while seeking out breathtaking views of its coastline. In case you are wondering where to get bikes, you can hire from companies like The Cyclist and EcoBikes Malta. In case you need directions, you can sign up for one of the guided tours.

Kite Surfing

This is one of the sports fads that is expected to be in Malta for like forever. It is an extremely popular, exciting and challenging adventure sport in Malta.

Locations with optimal wind conditions are essential since surfers have to exploit the power of the wind in order to fly the kites.

In case you need the best spots, the north of the islands at Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, which is locally known as Riviera, are the places to go. Every beach takes pleasure in the preeminent winds from the north. These winds are ideal for this adventure sport, just strap on your kites and you will be flying within no time.

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