Hikes & Walks in Malta: 10 Best Hike Trails

Hikes & Walks in Malta: 10 Best Hike Trails
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March 2, 2023

If you’re planning a trip to Malta, chances are you will find the island’s traditional foods irresistible. You may, therefore, end up consuming a lot of carbohydrates found in popular Maltese snacks like ħobż biż-żejt, torta tal-Lampuki, timpana, pastizzi, and kannoli. Fortunately, Malta has a number of hiking trails that can help you keep fit while on holiday. The best thing is that, during the hike, you can expect to see many points of interest including archaeological remains, dramatic cliffs, tranquil countryside, amazing sea views, unspoiled nature and secluded forts, towers and churches.

Here are the 10 best hikes in Malta. 

1. The Capital City, Valletta

This is one of the easiest walks as it is entirely along pavements and coastal promenade. The walk begins and ends at the Gate of Valletta and passes around, on top of, and outside the battlements of Valletta. The route provides stunning views of the sea and passes through a myriad of historic sites including palaces, museums, and churches.

2. Marfa Ridge Walk

This is a very long - about 11 km long - but rewarding hike. The walk passes through dramatic cliffs, terraced fields, dry farmed land, wooded areas and garigue offering breathtaking views of the countryside. It also passes through a number of fortified structures dating back to the times of the Knights of St John.

3. Dingli Walk

Dingli walk starts near the Dingli cliffs and ends at Wied il-Zurrieq. En route to Wied il-Zurrieq, expect to see well-cultivated fields, cave openings, the Buskett Gardens and Wardija Ta'San Ġorġ, a Bronze Age village. The hiking trail spans a distance of approximately 11.2 km.

4. Siġġiewi

Siġġiewi, commonly known as Città Ferdinand, is a city located in the southern region of Malta. It’s best to go hiking at this place during cooler seasons as it gets really hot during the summer months.

5. Fawwara Trail

Fawwara trail is one of the most stunning countryside walks in Malta. It stretches from Dingli along the coast past a Bronze Age village, stone chapels and prehistoric temples and all the way down to the Blue Grotto.

6. Comino Trek

Comino is a small island located midway between Malta and Gozo. The island, with an area of 1.5 km² and only eight residents, is largely unspoiled.

Some of the pleasant features of this hike include a ferry ride to either Malta or Gozo, impressive sea caves and other geological features, a variety of native plants and birds, scenic lookout points, and an opportunity to swim at the beautiful Blue Lagoon. The length of the walk is about 8 km and may take about four hours to complete.

7. Golden Bay Walk

Golden Bay is a Blue Flag certified beach located on the north-west coast of Malta. During the walk, you get to visit the Majjistral Nature and History Park, the island’s first natural national park. After the walk, you can choose to sunbath, swim or snorkel at the beach.

8. Ta’ Ġurdan Walk

Ta’ Ġurdan country walk is a great way to discover Gozo’s countryside. It starts and ends at Pjazza taz-Zjara tal-Madonna in the village of L-Għarb. This walk leads you through St. Dimitri Chapel, the magnificent valley of Wied il-Għasri, Ta’ Ġurdan Lighthouse and Ta’ Ġurdan Hill. It also provides wonderfully varied views of bays, steep cliffs, and tranquil countryside.

9. Rabat and Bahrija Walk

This 10 km trail starts and ends at Il-Fiddien. It passes through clusters of farmhouses, the 16th-century church of St. Martin the Bishop, a Bronze Age village and old Roman quarries.

10. The Saltpans Walk

This is one of the best hikes in Gozo island. The walk will give you the opportunity to see Gozo’s oldest basilica, traditional salt pans at Reqqa point, the breathtaking Sara valley and the Wied il-Għasri, a valley flanked by high cliffs.

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