Malta Luxury Yacht Charters

Malta Luxury Yacht Charters
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January 26, 2023

Malta is not just a rich historical destination, there is more that the island has to offer. The small archipelago offers pleasant luxury yacht charters for visitors who tour the Mediterranean’s south to enjoy its warmth. Malta is best described as the centre for culture due to its ancient towns, the striking fortress walls, colourful history of Caravaggio, and the small fishing villages. Malta, being the centre of island adventure, mouth-watering delicacies, and warm clear waters; you are assured of a luxury yacht charter destination.

A cruise in a luxury super-yacht in the beautiful and clear waters of Malta is the ultimate vacation; you will experience the beauty of Malta that is a combination of magnificent landscapes, historical architecture and multicultural cuisines.

Malta Luxury Yacht Charter Guide – a Guide to the ultimate travel experience

Located south of Sicily and to the north of Africa, Malta is a precious destination lying at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The Maltese archipelago consists of three inhabited islands; Malta, Comino, and Gozo. Malta is the most famous of the three islands and it is the centre of culture in the archipelago. Comino and Gozo are a little more isolated.

The density of the historical sites in Malta is quite visible and it ranges from the ancient temples to the intriguing history of the Knights of St John. It is a perfect destination for people who are fascinated by history and to those who want to spend extra time ashore. They can enjoy the warm Mediterranean atmosphere, as well as visit the many Cathedrals, art galleries, museums and restaurants that serve amazing cuisines.

The country’s capital, Valletta, is recognised by UNESCO as the World Heritage City and the European Capital of Culture, 2018. Standing on a cape, Valletta is a famous luxury yachts charter destination due to the presence of the Grand Habour and the breathtaking sea views.

Why You Should Experience a Malta Luxury Yacht Charter Around the Islands

Beautiful Clear Waters

Malta luxury yacht charters will show you the real beauty of Malta. From the lagoon paradise to the rocky and glowing caves from the water reflection; this gives a magnificent view when combined with the clear blue waters. You could treat yourself to snorkelling and swimming on the shores. The waters are crystal clear that you can see through it and catch the sight of fish passing by.

Summer Atmosphere

In entire Europe, Malta is one of the southern countries with a hot climate due to its location; in the Mediterranean. Malta luxury yacht charters cruising the ports of Malta will reveal the hot summer temperatures of up to 30+ degrees. The area experiences very little rain and the skies are very blue. The water temperature is perfect for a sultry summer day.

Rich in Culture

During your luxury yacht charter, you can go ashore and visit various cultural places. Mdina, a city in Malta is one of the places with a rich history that dates back to over four thousand years ago. Valetta is home to art galleries and some of Caravaggio’s famous works are housed in the capital of Valletta. You can also visit the hills in Malta to see megalithic tomb remains. The country is home to one of the most fascinating histories such as the bloody sieges, Knights of St John, and interesting folklore.

Home to Scrumptious Cuisines

The Sicilian tastes, the British flair and the magical Spanish flavours are all available in the Maltese restaurants. If you wish to have tender bread spread with tomato paste, red wines, rabbit stews, fish straight from the sea, or any of the local cheeses, Malta will surely awaken your taste buds and treat you to a variety of delicacies.

The Advantages of Malta Luxury Yacht Charters

Malta luxury yacht charters are perfect for utilising the wide selection of water toys that are stored aboard your superyacht, especially if you would like to snorkel or scuba dive in the clear waters of Malta. Malta’s location, in the south of the Mediterranean Sea, benefits from the splendid climate with a long summer season that starts from April to October. If you are visiting the island aboard a crewed yacht or sailing in a sports yacht, Malta luxury yacht charters will offer a perfect blend of sultry summers, sandy beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

Luxury Yacht Charters Itineraries

Yacht charters itineraries in Malta combines a tour to the sister islands Comino and Gozo. The two islands also have a charming beauty that is worth exploring.

Comino has the ideal spots for snorkelling and diving. It is home to a beautiful blue lagoon that offers a safe place for all divers. Occupying only 3.5 square kilometres, Comino only has one hotel, with no cars roaming the island. This is the best place to relax and enjoy the sea life aboard a yacht charter, as the secluded island remains unpolluted.

There are legendary myths about Gozo that make the island’s history more interesting. Gozo was Calypso’s island of Homer’s Odyssey, according to myths. There are baroque churches and old farmhouses built on the peaceful landscapes of the island. Gozo’s coastline offers the best diving sites in the entire Mediterranean.

Places to Tour in Malta

Valetta – Home to the Historical Heritage of Malta

This is the ancient capital of Malta that is raised from the ground by the Knights of St John. From afar, the capital can be confused with a scene from the Game of Thrones. Its ancient structures have made it the home to the historical heritage of Malta, that is why it is recognised as a World Heritage Site. To get the most out of this ancient capital, you can tour the old fortress, visit the Citadel or visit the St John’s Cathedral to view the famous works of Caravaggio hanging on the thick old stone walls.

The Blue Lagoon – A Tranquil Spot to Enjoy Sea Life

The sparkling sight of the blue lagoon will take your breath away. It is a perfect spot for yacht charter visitors to swim and snorkel as they also enjoy the sunset around the lagoon. It is one of the best anchorages for a night or two when sailing around the shores of Malta.

Gozo – A Place of Perfect Beauty

This eight-mile island is Malta’s sister island. If you love spending your summers trying out local cuisines under the sunshade, then Gozo should be on your yacht charter itinerary. The shores of Gozo offer a relaxing paradise with a quiet environment. It is ideal for various sports such as cycling, horse riding and sailing around to find coves and hidden beaches.

Marsaxlokk – Enjoy Fresh Seafood

The Marsaxlokk harbour is home to brightly painted fishing boats. You should pay Marsaxlokk a visit if you love seafood. You will be invited with tantalising scents of freshly cooked seafood cuisines. The area is home to the best seafood restaurants in Malta and this is where the Maltese fishing industry has thrived. Your Malta luxury yacht charters should include a visit to the megalithic tombs and enjoying a scrumptious seafood lunch at the harbour, and later explore the Blue Grotto to see the luminous blue water formed by the reflection of light in the caves; such a beautiful sight.

The Best Time to Charter a Luxury Yacht in Malta

Malta is blessed with sunshine and a warm climate throughout the year. This is why it is the ideal destination for Malta luxury yacht charters. During summer, the heat goes up to a high of 30 degrees, which is the best time to cool yourself in the shimmering blue lagoon. However, January experiences a drop in the temperature up to 15 degrees. Since rain is not common in Malta, winters experience high chances of a drizzle and cold weather.

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