Motor Yacht Charter In Malta – Luxury Charters

Motor Yacht Charter In Malta – Luxury Charters
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January 26, 2023

There is no better way to explore the coastlines with a motor yacht charter in Malta. It is the ultimate luxury experience for leisure and business to escape the hectic lifestyle and unwind in an exceptionally beautiful ambience. It will provide a lasting impression in total privacy with the freedom to visit the places you want.

Our luxury motor yachts cruise up to 35 knots and is the perfect way to visit many places in a shorter time compared to chartering a sailing yacht. Even the coastlines of Sicily can be reached from Malta in some of our selected yachts.


Our yachts feature a range of toys onboard. These can be used by you and your guests during the charter and provide some extra excitement and activities while anchored close to shore.

Some of the equipment carried on our selected yachts are:

  • Tenders – This is a smaller boat which can be used to visit surrounding caves and used for various activities such as wakeboards and inflatables.
  • Jet Skis – This is considered the ultimate toy for speed lovers. They are fast and manoeuvrable but also great to visit nearby areas in shallow waters.
  • Snorkelling gear – Great to discover the shallow waters and nearby caves.
  • Scuba diving – Expand the experience of the sea to below the surface. With a full gear onboard, you can explore ship wrecks and marine life below the sea.
  • Fishing gear – If you enjoy fishing, there is no better place than on a yacht.
  • Wakeboards – Ride the wake behind a high-speed tender.
  • Inflatables – For some additional action together with your friends, try one of the inflatables pulled by a high-speed tender boat.

Catering Options

For the full luxury experience out at sea, we recommend our catering where you can choose from all inclusive drinks and various menus for lunch and dinner. On the larger yachts, these are prepared freshly on-board by our chefs and served out on deck.

There is no better way to enjoy your day by being pampered with gourmet food and drinks.

Skipper and Full Crew

All our yachts are skippered and include a full crew to take care of you and your guests. They are highly trained and experienced to make sure you and your guests remain safe throughout the entire trip.

Our Motor Yachts

We offer more than 30 luxury yachts for chartering. Below are some of our most prestigious motor yachts available. Contact us below for more choices suitable to your needs.

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