Yacht Charter In Malta – Experience The Sea

Yacht Charter In Malta – Experience The Sea
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January 27, 2023

Malta is a beautiful country in the Mediterranean, but its beauty is arguably best appreciated from the sea. With scenic coastlines, cliff formations, historical harbours and Pristine bays, there is no better way to experience it with a Yacht charter in Malta. The vantage point from the sea gives a completely different perspective of the Islands and allows for a beautiful serene atmosphere. All yacht charters in Malta anchor at various bays only accessible by boat offering crystal clear waters to dive in. There are various types of yachts to choose from. You can charter a sailing yacht for a quiet and relaxed tour or a motor yacht for a more action filled luxurious cruise. Most larger boats also carry dinghies to explore the surrounding caves and snorkelling equipment to discover the marine life.

Yacht Charter Destinations

There are plenty of places to visit around the costs of Malta. These are some of the most well known and some of the more less busy and frequently visited places.

Blue Lagoon

The most famous bay of the Maltese Islands is the Blue Lagoon. It is known for the magnificent clear blue waters. The bay is situated in a protected area on the north side of the Island Comino.

Crystal Lagoon

This lagoon is next to the Blue Lagoon and features clear blue waters as well. It is a little less visited that it’s sister lagoon but just as beautiful. Close by you can also find the shipwreck P31 on 18 meters deep.

Mgarr Ix-Xini

This narrow bay might not be accessible by larger yachts, but it is none the less a place to visit. It is sheltered among a rocky setting with a secluded pebble beach at the end.

Santa Maria Caves

These caves are a popular spot to visit on the way to Comino and Gozo. They are a series of caves situated on the east side of Comino, opposite Santa Maria Bay. If your yacht features a dingy, you can go all the way inside and experience these beautiful caves.

San Blas Bay

This is the first larger bay on the north-east side of Gozo. The coastline is rocky and rough, but great to anchor in for a while and enjoy the sun and sea.

St. Pauls Islands

Only split in 2 during high waters, St. Pauls Islands is the second largest uninhabited Island of Malta mainland. It received its name from when St. Paul shipwrecked on the Island during a storm.

Ramla Bay

This bay is the largest situated on the north side of Gozo. It is known for its reddish-gold sand and great hiking trails. It’s a great place to stop if you want to enjoy some sand during your yacht charter.

Wied il-Għasri

This narrow creek is situated in the north of Gozo and surrounded by stone cliffs. Yachts won’t be able to enter, but it’s a great place for snorkelling, kayaking and cave diving.

Dwerja Bay

Situated on the west side of Gozo, Dwerja Bay is a tranquil bay next to what is referred to as the fungus rock. It also offers the chance to swim inside the caves with crystal clear blue water.

Xlendi Bay

This is another bay on the south west end of Gozo. It’s a little more populated as the town of Xlendi is just on the waters edge. Nonetheless, it’s a narrow but nice bay to drop by and possibly dine at one of the restaurants.

Il-Ħofra ż-Żgħira

This is a popular destination in the south of Malta. Situated between the towns of Marascala and Marsaxlokk, the bay offers a great place to swim and jump from its surrounding cliffs. The water inside the bay is also comparable to Blue Lagoon.

Blue Grotto

A very well-known attraction on the South side of Malta, The Blue Grotto features magnificent water, high cliffs and a series of picturesque sea caves. The caves are only accessible by boat.

Private day yacht charter

The perfect day-trip to visit some of the hidden gems in Malta only accessible by boat. The charters offer lunch, snacks, drinks and often include a smaller dinghy to experience the surrounding caves. You can usually customize your trip to visit your favourite places, but it does depend on the size and speed of the yacht you choose to charter because some bays are narrow and further away from where the yacht is berthed.

Private Week Charters

For a lengthier enjoyment of the Malta and the sea, you can also opt for a weekly charter around the Islands. You will have the option to visit all the hidden gems around the Maltese coats. Furthermore, there will be full catering service onboard, private cabins and the chance to go onto land to visit various beaches and restaurants. If you opt for a weekly charter, you can even visit Sicily on some of our selected yachts. It is only a mere 130 km between the two Islands and makes a great day trip to experience Italy.

Considerations When Chartering A Yacht In Malta

When choosing your yacht charter, it is important to keep a few things in mind;

  • Number of persons – The type of boat often depends on how many people you choose to charter a yacht with. Sailing yachts typically offer a bit more space comparted to motor yachts. For longer yacht charters you need to consider the number of cabins for overnight sleeping.
  • Yacht type and comfort – There are a lot of yachts to choose from, so you need to decide if you would like to have a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, which often offers a bit more flexibility in terms of speed.
  • Destinations – Larger yachts often have the ability to travel further and in rougher seas. So, if you would like to make a trip around Malta, or even to Sicily, you should opt for a larger yacht. Smaller yachts on the other hand are more suitable to visit smaller bays.
  • Catering – Some yachts offer better cooking facilities than others. Larger yachts also offer chefs onboard for high quality dining, so you would need to decide on what level of catering you would like during your trip.
  • Leisure Equipment – Larger boats usually carry more equipment such as snorkelling and scuba diving gear, dingies and even water jets.

Motor Yacht Charter In Malta

Chartering a motor yacht is great for both leisure and business purposes. It leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests or business associates. It’s the ultimate luxury cruising experience which also gives you complete privacy out at sea. With all the modern amenities available onboard, you can experience fine dining and high class relaxing. It has all the comfort of a modern home such as bathrooms, lounging and kitchen facilities. The larger yachts also offer equipment such as jet skis, wake boards, tenders, snorkelling, diving and fishing equipment. Some even have a jacuzzi on deck. Find out more about chartering a motor yacht in Malta.

Sailing Yacht Charter In Malta

If you love the sea, there is nothing that gets you closer than chartering a sailing yacht in Malta. This is the ultimate silent cruise with only the sounds of wind and waves. It offers a very tranquil environment to both work and relax in but at the same time the high paced and exciting experience when the sails are catching wind. Sailing yachts usually offer a little more space compared to motor yachts and also offer all the modern amenities. You can also find some sailing yachts with the luxury of a fully equipped office ready to sign the big business deals out at sea. Find more information about our sailing yachts here.

What’s Next?

Contact us with your requirements and receive yacht options suitable for you in various comfort and price ranges. You can find some of our available yachts to charter in Malta and enjoy your luxury day at sea.

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