Top 5 Co-Working Spaces in Malta: The Future of Work

Top 5 Co-Working Spaces in Malta: The Future of Work
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July 27, 2023

The rise of digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking companies embracing flexible work arrangements have brought about a global revolution: the dawn of co-working spaces. Malta, with its lively business environment and tech-centric mindset, stands at the forefront of this shift. This article unveils the Top 5 Co-Working Spaces in Malta that are altering the way we work and sparking innovation.

Understanding the Co-Working Trend

Co-working spaces are no longer just about shared desks in an office; they represent a paradigm shift in our concept of work. From solopreneurs to multinational corporations, a myriad of professionals are finding value in the collaboration, flexibility, and community these spaces provide.

So, What Is The Largest Co-Working Space?

When it comes to size, international names often reign supreme. One such entity with a commanding presence in Malta is Regus. Offering flexible workspaces worldwide, they provide a blend of global reach and local expertise.

Regus: With its centers situated in prime business districts like Sliema and St Julian's, Regus caters to diverse requirements. From a single desk for a day to a private office for a month, or a tailor-made workspace for years, Regus accommodates all.

Who Uses Co-working Spaces the Most?

Startups, digital nomads, freelancers, and even large corporations - all have tapped into the potential of co-working spaces. They are notably popular among tech companies, creatives, and any profession benefitting from networking and a flexible work environment.

SOHO: Nestled in the heart of St Julian’s, SOHO is more than a co-working space - it's a vibrant community of innovative minds. Known for its dynamic atmosphere, networking events, and collaborative opportunities, SOHO is the go-to place for creative professionals.

Are Co-working Spaces Popular?

Indeed, co-working spaces have gained immense popularity over the last decade. The surge of remote work and an increasing number of freelancers have significantly contributed to this trend.

Microsoft Innovation Centre: More than a co-working space, the Microsoft Innovation Centre at SkyParks Business Centre, Malta International Airport, is an innovation hub. It's a favorite among tech startups and entrepreneurs aiming to forge connections with industry leaders and accelerate innovation.

How Big is The Coworking Industry?

The co-working industry has witnessed exponential growth over the past decade. In 2020, approximately 1.5 million people used co-working spaces worldwide, a figure that continues to climb.

The Hub: Situated in San Gwann, The Hub serves up an ideal blend of work, relaxation, and play. Its distinct design and cozy common areas make it a preferred choice for tech startups and freelancers seeking a flexible yet inspiring workspace.

Grand Central: Tucked away in the picturesque city of Valletta, Grand Central offers an elegant workspace with a retro vibe. It's perfect for those with a fondness for architecture and tranquil work settings, all while providing breathtaking views of the city and harbor.

Top 5 Co-Working Spaces in Malta

To sum up, here are our top picks for co-working spaces in Malta:

1. Regus

Regus is an internationally recognized co-working brand with offices in Malta's most prestigious business districts, including Sliema and St Julian's. Offering a range of solutions from single day-desk hire to long-term office spaces, Regus accommodates individual freelancers to large corporations. Regus Malta is known for its high-end, comfortable workspaces equipped with all the modern amenities necessary for productivity, including high-speed internet, spacious conference rooms, and a friendly support team ready to assist with any needs.


Located in the heart of St Julian’s, SOHO is a buzzing co-working space catering mainly to creative professionals and startups. The main selling point of SOHO is its vibrant community culture. Regular networking events, workshops, and collaborative opportunities give members a chance to interact and share ideas. The facility boasts designer interiors and top-tier facilities like state-of-the-art conference rooms, relaxation zones, private offices, and communal areas, all topped with an amazing panoramic view of the city.

3. Microsoft Innovation Centre

The Microsoft Innovation Centre at the SkyParks Business Centre, Malta International Airport, serves as more than a typical co-working space. It is a hub of innovation and a breeding ground for tech startups and entrepreneurs. Apart from offering co-working facilities, it provides access to training, mentorship, and opportunities to network with industry leaders. The ambiance is one of tech-driven creativity, making it the perfect location for those who wish to be at the forefront of technological advances.

4. The Hub

The Hub in San Gwann is a place where work, relaxation, and play meld seamlessly. The space's unique design stands out, offering a blend of private and communal spaces, perfect for sparking collaboration. The Hub provides high-speed internet, meeting rooms, 24/7 access, and a fully equipped kitchen. Additionally, they frequently host networking and social events, promoting a strong sense of community among its members. For tech startups and freelancers seeking a relaxed yet motivating work environment, The Hub is a top pick.

5. Grand Central

Situated in the picturesque city of Valletta, Grand Central is a co-working space that strikes a balance between the old and the new. Housed within a beautifully restored 19th-century building, Grand Central combines the elegance of Maltese architecture with modern-day office necessities. It offers private offices, dedicated desks, and casual hot-desking areas with amazing views of the city and harbor. This space is ideal for those who value tranquility and an inspiring setting while working.

Each co-working space offers a unique environment catering to different working styles, all promoting collaboration, networking, and growth. Whether you're a digital nomad, a solo entrepreneur, or a growing team, Malta’s co-working scene has something to offer you.

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