A Steakhouse that Meats Expectations! 

Named after the Sicilian Village that inspired it’s creation, Sciacca Grill are unique Steak & Grill restaurants that both go beyond its culinary calling. Within Sciacca’s confines, you’ll find the kind of effortless taste that’ll envelop your stay, exalt your senses, and ultimately make you party to the excellence we recite. Welcome to the experience. 

Sciacca Grill restaurants have been prospering for years and are exclusively renowned for their high-quality meat, combined with the freshest ingredients, offering you a memorable and unique dining experience at their two different locations. The Valletta location specialises in meat only whilst their restaurant in St. Julian’s offers both meat and fish. Sciacca Grill is a no menu restaurant. Their food is all displayed to choose from, cooked in the widely known Mibrasa oven, on charcoal and wood, as those are the best flavour enhancers. 

The Ambiance & Food 

Both restaurants offer a spectacular setting, portraying a fine-dining experience. Displayed in a glass enclosure, you can find an impressive collection of the finest whiskeys and wines to accompany your succulent cut of meat. Perhaps, the most exciting is the butcher’s counter, where you can feast your eyes on a variety of the best cuts, ranging from fresh to aged meats. 



Address: South Street,Valletta
Email: valletta@sciaccamalta.com
Phone: +356 2123 7222

St Julian’s

Address: Triq Santu Wistin, St Julian’s
Email: paceville@sciaccamalta.com
Phone: +356 2133 1310 

website: www.sciaccamalta.com