Benefits Related to Housing

There are several opportunities available for Maltese residents who need to find a house for primary residence. Anyone who lives on government properties or is looking to buy a first house should reach out to the Housing Authority; also, benefits are available to residents who have a disability.

Information About Health Services

Residents who are suffering from health issues should reach out to the Ministry of Health, since their role is to promote the health of everyone living in Malta, as well as upholding laws and regulations concerning public health. No matter if you’re troubled by a disease, environmental hazard or are currently recovering from injuries, they may be able to help.

In case you have sustained injuries during work, you should also reach out to DIER (the Department of Industrial Relations), since they will determine if you’re entitled to receiving benefits and compensations from your employer.

Appling for Social Benefits in Malta

If you’re a Maltese resident, you may benefit from a diverse assortment of social benefits. The most common examples are sickness benefits and medical assistance, as well as maternity leave and related benefits, including a children’s allowance and foster care allowances. All workers are entitled to injury benefits and retirement pensions. To learn more about all the benefits available and how to apply for them, make sure to check the Social Policy website for details about Social Security in Malta. When you log into this website, you will have access to diverse information including your employment background, medical records as well as having access to all applicable benefits.

Submitting an Appeal if You’ve Been Wrongly Denied a Benefit

When you’re denied a social benefit that you feel you’re entitled to, you can reach out to the Social Security Umpire to submit an appeal; you have 30 days for doing so from the time when your benefit was turned down. In order to submit an appeal, make sure to point out which articles of the law have been disregarded by the Social Security Director. Provided the law is on your side, the Social Security Umpire will change the decision in your favor; you can submit appeals by e-mail or through the following address:

Secretary to the Umpire
Department of Social Security
19, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli
Valletta CMR 02