Continuing High Demand for Commercial Property in Malta

Continuing High Demand for Commercial Property in Malta
Updated on
February 1, 2023

Malta became a full member of the European Union in 2004, and in 2008, joined the euro. Subsequently, Malta’s commercial activity has grown significantly, and it has expanded into new sectors, with significant growth in service industries. Allied to this economic expansion, Malta has moved forward with social development and commercial property, leading to impressive scores on various European and international development indices.

Government backing for business and investment

This progress has in part, been due to continuing government backing for development, and encouragement of both local and overseas investment. Malta boasts a flat tax rate which investors find attractive, and this has meant that despite global economic headwinds, the island has continued to enjoy a stable economy. Entrepreneurs are relocating high-tech businesses to Malta, where they are encouraged to grow their businesses.

Malta’s Commercial Property Scene

Valletta, Malta’s administrative capital, is where most commercial activity takes place. Leisure and tourism is mostly concentrated in the nearby St. Julian’s and Sliema areas. However, commercial growth has led business leaders to branch out into areas beyond Valletta, and to seek suitable commercial property throughout the island.

Malta can offer a range of commercial property , including offices, restaurants, showrooms and flexible, multi-purpose spaces. Businesses can choose fully finished properties, that are move-in ready, so that start-ups and relocating enterprises can get to work quickly.

A fast start for businesses

For businesses that want to be up and running immediately, and don’t want to be tied to long office leases, there are also managed office spaces which offer reception and support staff, high speed internet connections and telephone lines. These allow entrepreneurs to simply plug in their laptop and establish an instantaneous business presence.

With the government encouraging businesses to relocate to the island, commercial property of every kind will continue to be in demand. Luckily, Malta’s property market has sufficient scale and flexibility to satisfy that demand.We at Welcome Center Malta, can assist you with any commercial property search, from an iconic modern building to a converted palazzo. View our commercial properties section and contact us for more details.

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