Explore The Top 5 Natural Attractions In Malta

Explore The Top 5 Natural Attractions In Malta
Updated on
January 19, 2023

Even though Malta does not have forests, rivers or lakes, the island is home to some of the most spectacular natural wonders around the world. With so many natural caves, cliffs and rock formations you can hardly ever run out of things to do. Such natural attractions are not only found on the island but also extend underwater, providing snorkelers and divers with unique diving experiences.  In this article you get to discover five of the top natural attractions to visit in Malta.

Dragonara Hole/Coral Lagoon in Mellieha

A hidden cave in the North of Malta, in the vicinity of Little Armier Bay. Here you can find a huge hole that is often sought for its wonderful diving and snorkelling opportunities.

Apart from that many people visit the lagoon by kayak, which can be easily rented from Little Armier Bay. Others seeking adrenaline choose to jump from the top.

Regardless how you enter the lagoon, it is highly recommended to visit.

Blue Grotto

Located in the south west of Malta, you can find the Blue Grotto. Here you can find several caves in the area, with the largest being the Blue Grotto. This can be reached by boat from the near village, Wied iz-Zurrieq. This area offers breath-taking scenery and a very lively underwater marine life.

Opposite blue grotto, you can also find Filfla, a small island which is home to many unique species. In the past, Filfla was used as target practice, however, nowadays it is prohibited to go on the island.

Dingli Cliffs

One of the best and most romantic places to watch spectacular sunsets in Malta.  The highest point of the cliffs is believed to be an average of 250 metres above the sea level. The Dingli cliffs extend far beyond the small city of Dingli and stretches down to Fawwara and Ghar Lapsi.

You can either go for a hike on the cliffs, cruise with a motorbike or simply relax on one of the benches situated on the coast with endless unobstructed sea views.

Inland Sea

You can find the Inland Sea in Dwejra, which is home to several wonderful natural landmarks.

From the outside of the cave, one definitely would not to expect to find a tiny bay surrounded with boat houses. This spot is very popular with divers and snorkelers and when the sea is calm, visitors can pass through the 100-metre cave on small fishing boats. A must visit for your trip to Gozo!

Calypso’s Cave

You can find Calypso’s Cave in Gozo, in the vicinity of Xaghra village. Legend has it that the cave was where the goddess queen Calypso kept her love, Odysseus, as a prisoner for seven years. Once you get to the cave, there is not much to do, however, it offers amazing and unique scenery of the Ramla Bay.

Enjoy the Maltese Islands!

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