Notice Period in Malta Before Termination of Employment

Notice Period in Malta Before Termination of Employment
Updated on
February 13, 2023

When an employee or employer is terminating employment during the probation period, there should be a one week notice period if the amount of time taken by the worker in the service is more than a month.

Notice period in Malta also has to be given for indefinite contracts which have been scheduled to go beyond the probation period before dismissal from employment. Either the employer or employee is responsible for giving a notice before ending an employment. Notice period in Malta is calculated as follows based on an employee’s services rendered continuously to the employer:

  • No notice is given for services rendered less than a month
  • A one week notice for services rendered from one month to six months
  • Two weeks’ notice given for six months to two years service
  • Four weeks’ notice for two years to four years service
  • Eight weeks notice for services rendered for four to seven years
  • Nine weeks’ notice for seven to eight years in service
  • Ten weeks’ notice for services given between eight to nine years
  • Eleven week’s notice a nine to ten years service
  • Twelve weeks’ notice period for services rendered for more than ten years.

There is no possibility of extending a notice period once established. In case of administrative, executive, technical or managerial posts, the employer and employee may agree on longer periods.

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