Top Maltese Cuisine Restaurants in Malta – 2020 Guide

Top Maltese Cuisine Restaurants in Malta – 2020 Guide
Updated on
January 25, 2023

The Maltese Cuisine is a combination of cuisines from other civilisations that were in Malta in the past, with an addition of an island’s touch. This exciting mix of different cooking ingredients and methods, have given Malta a number of mouth-watering dishes.

On the island, you can find a range of restaurants offering different cuisines but there are many restaurants specialising in the local cuisine. In this guide, we will feature a number of some of the best Maltese Cuisine restaurants in Malta, where you can indulge in the delicious Maltese dishes!

What type of food is traditional Maltese?

Different seasons in Malta bring forth different cuisines. One of the most popular is Rabbit, mainly the Rabbit stew, kapunata (The local version of ratatouille), lampuki pie (a form of fish pie), Bragioli (beef olives) or the widow’s soup that consists of Gbejniet (goat’s or sheep cheese).

For a light traditional snack, go to one of the food shop counters and try a thick pate of beans prepared with garlic called ‘Bigilla’, among other snacks like ‘hobz biz-zejt’ (a type of round bread that is dipped in olive oil then rubbed with ripe tomatoes then filled with bled of onion, tomatoes, capers, garlic and tuna and pastizzi (a type of flaky pastry parcel that is filled with either mushy peas or ricotta). 

A guide to the Top Maltese Cuisine Restaurants

The following list of Maltese Cuisine Restaurants serve some of the best dishes found on the island, offering a combination of organic and quality ingredients.

Diar il-Bniet


Diar il-Bniet is not any regular Maltese Cuisine restaurant but offers a memorable and unique eating experience. Their dishes are made with a true passion for home-cooked food, using only the freshest ingredients, grown in their own fields, hence their field to table concept.

Just 200 metres away from the restaurant, you can find the large fields consisting over 600 acres, where the team of Diar il Bniet grow their home grown organic produce. They later employ their traditional methods to create the mouth-watering fresh dishes that many consumers seek.

At Diar il-Bniet, you can find an extensive A’ La Carte Menu, which is changed according to the season. With their field to fork concept, all their products are produced locally and you can find recipes that were used by the Mifsud’s great grand mother.

Diar il-Bniet doesn’t only offer a delicious A’ la Carte Menu, but also a Mejda Maltija, which is a table full of fresh Maltese dishes that used to be prepared for the hungry farmers, in the past. Apart from that, they offer sensational hog roasts, slowly cooked for over 6 hours on hot wood coals. 

For more information about this unique restaurant;

Telephone: +356 2762 0727

Ta’ Pawla Restaurant

St Paul's Bay

After a relaxing walk on the promenade, visit Ta’ Pawla Restaurant, a cosy and welcoming restaurant located in St Paul’s Bay. They offer a number of traditional Maltese cuisine dishes and an attractive Mediterranean menu. Ta’ Pawla restaurant is home to a very warm atmosphere and you will be welcomed by a passionate team, dedicated to exceed your expectations.

At Ta’Pawla Restaurant, you can find the popular traditional Maltese dishes such as, octopus stew, bragoli, pulpetti and rabbit cooked slowly in garlic and white wine. They preprare such dishes in traditional cooking methods with wholesome and freshest ingredients.

When it comes to other dishes such as sea food, local fisherman bring their fresh catch every day, offering dfferent types of fresh fish and seafood. Apart from that, Ta’ Pawla Restaurant also caters for Gluten Free and Vegetarian dishes. You can rest assured, that when visiting this restaurant, everyone on your table will find a meal to indulge in. 

For a wonderful eating experience in St Pauls Bay;

Telephone: +356 9949 2049 

Ta' Marija Restaurant


This unique restaurant is located in the heart of Mosta and is one of the oldest and most popular Maltese Cuisine restaurants in Malta. Ta Marija was founded by Ben Muscat over 50 years ago and is still being operated by the family members. The restaurant was awarded the ‘The Best Maltese Food Restaurant’ for 10 years in a row. The owners of the restaurant have their own ways to ensure consistent food quality, they are at the restaurant, trying the food, every night ensuring optimum service.

Ta Marija Restaurant offers its guests, traditionally cooked dishes, prepared with local fresh ingredients, mostly grown by themselves. Apart from that they are regularly changing the menus according to the season. Apart from a unqiue A La Carte Menu, they also have Folklore Nights where the whole restaurant becomes alive and you can get a memorable Maltese experience. Guests have the opportunity to dance and celebrate in a Maltese way!

Get a taste of Malta’s culture by visiting;

Telephone: +356 2143 4444

Tac-Canti Bar & Restaurant


One of the top villages known to serve the traditional dishes is Mgarr, a quiet city, west of the island. Tac-Canti Bar & Restaurant is an eatery in Mgarr, known for its unique and delicious traditional cooking methods. In fact, Tac-Canti has a reputation for its delicious ‘fenkata’, which in Maltese means, a shared dish of fried rabbit or rabbit stew. 

The restaurant is located in the heart of the city and is run by a number of locals with a passion for genuine Maltese food and cuisine. Loyal and repeat clients seek Tac-Canti Bar & Restaurant, not only for its quality food and traditional experience, but also for serving large and generous portions. Other famous dishes served at the restaurant are the slow cooked ‘laham taz-ziemel’, which translates to horse meat, ‘bebbux’, which means snails and ‘summien’, quail. The restaurant also hosts the traditional Hog Roasts.

Being such a reputable restaurant, Tac-Canti Bar & Restaurant is not only popular for providing foreign visitors, a genuine experience of the traditional Maltese cuisine, but also for locals seeking to feast on a fresh home cooked meal.

The restaurant’s environment offers a familial environment and welcomes its guests in a warm manner, ensuring they feel comfortable and have the utmost Maltese experience. After a sumptuous dish, be sure to wash it down with a local beer or a glass of local wine as you enjoy laughs with the ever friendly locals.

For a delicious local dish, visit;

Website: Tac-Canti Bar & Restaurant 
Telephone: +356 2157 9496

Ta Kris Restaurant


Just behind the square in Sliema, you can find Ta Kris Restaurant. This humbly-nestled spot will offer you an escape from the busy and hectic streets with many high-street bands popular for shopping and enjoy some of the best Maltese dishes in a homespun environment.

The restaurant was formerly a bakery and when you walk in, you will probably see the old bakery still installed neatly in place. Everything about the restaurant makes it feel cosy, warm and welcoming.

On the menu, you can find the most popular traditional dishes, with some of the highlights being home-made fresh soup, braggioli (stuffed beef slices), home-made beef stew, rabbit and spnot (sea bass) among other Mediterranean and Italian cuisines like fillets and pastas. The restaurant is usually quite busy due to their location so to avoid any disappointment, book your space in advance and get to enjoy delicious daily Maltese specials.

Telephone: +356 2133 7367

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