Recruitment Malta – Tips For Hiring Employees

Recruitment Malta – Tips For Hiring Employees
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February 13, 2023

Malta has a fast-developing economy & a rising demand for both local and international employees. Thanks to the EU employment rules policies, employers now have a vast pool of job seekers to choose from. So, here are all the necessary steps and requirements of successful employee recruitment Malta.

Statement of Commencement of Employment

An employer must provide and fill the Declaration of Commencement of Employment for all individuals employed in his/her business. For every new employee, the engagement form correctly filled should then be sent to a firm like Jobsplus on the day that employment commences. Employers can find similar services are Business First. At the end of the article, you can find the engagement form attached.

Required documents for employees:

  • Passport/Identification Card
  • Your NI 3 (issued by the Department of Social Security and available For Maltese Nationals only)
  • Non-EU individuals must get an Employment License from Jobsplus.
  • If you were born overseas but have dual citizenship, you will require a certificate from the Department of Citizenship and Expatriates.
  • Other special cases of none-Maltese citizens will also require a license before they can be employed.

Employment yields

The moment you start employing people to your business, you are required to present an Employer Registration Form to the IRD. Ensure that you address your application to the Employment Section of the IRD.

Once you are done filling and submitting this application, you will receive an employer’s PE Number. Ensure to use your PE number to quote on all FS4, FS5, FS3 and FS7 forms whenever you are required to send them to the Inland Revenue Department.

Employee deductions

All employers, are required to automatically cut FSS Tax and Social Security Contributions (SSC) from the employees’ wages or salaries on a monthly basis. All information and further guidance on employee tax deductions will be provided to you by the Employment Section when you apply for the PE Number.


The Inland Revenue Department requires all employers to submit employee information regularly. Once you successfully complete employment registration with the Inland Revenue Department you ensure to always send, a dully filled FS4 form for each person that wishes to employ.

Also, after you deduct your employees’ Social Security Contributions (SSC) and FSS Tax, make certain to submit the full amount due, to the Inland Revenue Department together with the FS5 form. Note that all forms should be submitted by the end of the following month after employment and tax deductions.


However, there are many ways to make the recruitment Malta process easier for you. For instance, Jobs plus can assist you to find the right employees for your business, from a wide pool of job seekers.

Employing Maltese citizens

The Vacancy Profiling Unit (VPU) within Jobsplus was specially built to assist employers in finding suitable candidates for their vacancies.

Employing EU citizens

Being part of the European Union since 2004 has enforced the mobility of EU workers. Unfortunately, employing foreign nationals isn’t as easy we would wish it to be. The most common barriers are language and culture but thanks to the European Union, there’s a specific European Employment Service, referred to as EURES.

Employing non-EU citizens

Since 2005 , Jobs plus has been the firm responsible for processing all applications for the issue of work permits or employment licenses with regards to foreign citizens who are seeking work in Malta.

Employment of minors

Individuals who are not yet 16 years of age or who turn 16 during the academic year (15th Sept – 16th July) are according to the law, Minors of Compulsory School Age. All minors must provide their potential employer with a school leaving certificate. Minors can obtain their certificates directly from the Department of Educational Services. When going to collect your certificate, ensure that you have the following documents:

  • Original birth certificate from the Office of Public Registry
  • Formal statement of declaration from the applicant’s potential employer
  • Original certificate from the last school that the student attended
  • A formal letter of permission from the parents or guardians, signing that they are fine with their son/daughter being employed.

Access to Employment Scheme

The Jobs plus Access to Employment Scheme (A2E) sole purpose is to simplify the employment process in Gozo and Malta. European Social Fund, the Maltese Government and Employers all contribute to co-financing the Access to Employment Scheme. The above scheme eases the integration of job seekers and dormant individuals in the proletariat market by:

  • Providing options of accessing the workforce pool and facilitate career experience to people who are searching for occupational opportunities
  • Reduce and eventually close the gap between labour market supply and demand
  • Encouraging social cohesion and diversification in the workplace


Employee recruitment Malta apprenticeship programs are essential for quality workforce and successful business operations. Apprentices sharpen their skills by training both on-the-job and while off-the-job. When they are on-the-job, they learn team-work, problem solving and critical thinking. Off-the-job training is provided for these apprentices through vocational training at institutions like Malta College of Arts Science & Technology (MCAST) or Institute of Tourism (ITS).

Corporate Services

Welcome Center Malta can help you get in touch with the best corporate service providers in Malta. Solutions for taking care of obtaining a PE number, registering employees, income tax and national insurance payments and all payroll related services in order to comply with statutory obligations.

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